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Your Senior year book photo is a mug shot…
Your senior portrait should be
all about YOU!

Congratulations on choosing Dragonfly Images,
the photographers who utilize Storybook Portraiture
documenting your journey from
High School into the future.

We take the time to be creative and let you have fun being a model!
    This is more information than you want to read,
    however, it is what you need to know.
Your Senior year book photo is a mug shot…
Your senior portrait should be all about YOU!

This is your opportunity to express the real you!

Before we meet…
We will meet prior to your session to discuss where you would like to go for your
photo shoot, what you enjoy and the images we will create especially for you.
Take your time to look through magazines and pull out two or three photos that
you would like to use as inspiration for your model day.
Think about what you enjoy doing,  Going to the beach, sports that you
participate in, your car, your favorite place to go with friends.
Take time to fill out the questioner posted on line and have it available when you
meet with the photographer.

Senior Story Book Portrait Process

Call for consultation
Contract services require a 50% session retainer.  The retainer holds your time and
date, if you have to reschedule we require a notice of 72 hours.  Last minute
changes will result in loosing both your retainer and your session time.
Final payment for the session is due prior to the shoot.
Book the date and time for your Senior Storybook Portrait
Get your outfits together
Lets do the shoot!
Don't forget to invite a friend!
Review your images and then share them with your family and friends!

Senior Session Tips

Bring along your favorite jacket or sweater.  We suggest long sleeves for at least
one portrait.
Identity   Clothes
Athletic uniforms, letterman jackets, music, arts, etc.
Something   Different
Show off your unique style with something fun, formal or wild.
Something  Casual
Your favorite thing to wear on a normal day.
Something   Classic
A timeless look that won’t make you cringe in twenty years.
Something   Formal
If you want, we can do a few “trash the dress” shots.
Bring hats or other accessories that complete your outfit like jewelry, sunglasses
and scarves.
Do you hair or have it done before you arrive.  Bring a brush & comb, hairspray,
clips and hair ties.  We suggest that you don’t try a new style or color right before
your session.
Ladies, bring lipstick and powder for touch ups.  Wear more mascara than usual.  
Keep in mind that your hands will be in your portraits.  We suggest having a
professional manicure.
Bring your car, musical instrument, pet, sports gear or collections.  No extra fees!

Remember to shave just before your session to eliminate that 5 o’clock shadow.  
If you’re going to get a haircut for your photographs, be sure to allow one week
before your session in case it doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped.
If you’re not having us apply makeup, ask your mom, sister or girlfriend to add a
little concealer to blemishes and under eyes.  We know it seems embarrassing, but
you’ll be much happier with your images if you do.
Bring someone with you
Most seniors find it more comfortable to bring a friend, parent or sibling along to
help ease the camera  jitters.  Bring a parent with you or bring a friend.  We ask
that you bring no more than two guests with you.  Bring someone who will help
you have fun!

What is included with your Senior Storybook Portrait Session:

Your sitting fee includes a block of time, a location or locations, and a specified
number of outfits.  You will be contacted following the shoot, within 10 days to
preview the images and choose your favorites.  All sittings include finished prints
with level 1 retouching.  You may choose additional enlargements at the time of
your preview appointment.  We offer superior prints or perhaps you may choose
to create a composite image on canvas.  Keepsake albums and Gift prints and
Cards are also available.

What is included with your finished prints:

Level 1 retouching is our standard for all collections.  It includes, removal of facial
imperfections, blemishes, minor rashes, small cuts, bumps, bruises or scratches,
softening of eye bags or lines and enhancing eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows and
whitening teeth.

What is not included:

Level II Retouching
Every effort is made during your portrait session to minimize the need for
anything more than normal retouching.  However, our Photoshop artist has the
ability to correct any minor imperfections in your photographs. Level II retouching
includes glass glare, stray hairs and braces removal.  We can also smooth out
wrinkled clothing and change sock color.  Please add $35 per pose.
Multiple images included in one print. Each additional pose is 10.00 added to the
base print price.
If you have expressed an interest in colorization we may chose a pose and do a
sample for you to see when you view your images.  All charges will still apply if you
choose to add that print to your package.  $35 per pose.
Blends & Tattoos
An edgy, arty feel customized to each individual person and image.  $35 per pose.
With the exception of wall folios, frames are not included in print or collection
pricing.  We have a wide selection to chose from, all offered at a discount.

Common Questions

1. How long  do I have to order?
You can order at anytime, however,  you may want to keep in mind that special
offers are only honored for 4 weeks following your presentation.  Orders placed
more than 30 days after your presentation automatically lose all bonuses &
collection pricing.  At that time a La Carte prices will apply.
2. How long will my order take?
Your portraits will be ready in four weeks (wall portraits may take an extra two
3.. What if I need to reschedule?
If you need to reschedule any appointment, please give 72 hours notice so that
your time can be given to someone else.  If you have an special location session,
we will need 10 days notice.  Without this notice, missed appointment will be
charged a $75 fee, this will be taken out of the retainer.
4. Can we make our own copies of the Portraits?
NO, It is important for us to control the quality of our finished product.  It is our
reputation as a professional photographer and studio to provide our clients with a
quality image and product to share with family and friends

Why We Copyright Our Portraits

Photographers (and all artists) make their living, pay their staff & all their bills by
selling copies of their work. U.S. Copyright Law prohibits any copying or scanning
of a professionally created portrait for your personal use without written
permission of the photographer. Your portraits are made by some of the finest
craftsmen in the industry.  Our studio invests heavily in training, education and
equipment to provide you with the highest quality photography to be found
anywhere. High quality that cannot be duplicated or copied without loss of
sharpness, color, clarity and permanence. Please respect the law and our
livelihood. Thank you!


The Senior Storybook sitting payment is due in full prior to the session.  
Additional orders will be put into production once half of the total balance for
your package  is paid. The remaining balance is due when your order is picked up.
We accept both cash or checks.  Payment plans are available upon request.
It’s All About You

You haven’t trusted your senior portrait to an assembly photographer

Why…  because you are an individual and  your senior portrait will
reflect who you are,  what you love to do and where you are going.
Consultations and Portfolio Review by appointment
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