Example: 20 side album, 10 pages.
5x7, 6x9, Parent Book choose MAX 30 images.
8x8, 10 x 8, 8x10 or 10x10 album you should choose MAX  50 images.
11x14 album you should choose MAX 70 images.

Most albums will allow for additional pages to be added.  A 20 page album is the minimum you should create.

Remember if you want a single photo on a page that will increase the number of  photos on another page.  If you do not
want it too busy you may want to either add another page or reduce the number of photos.

Using the photos that you choose I will create proofs for your book.   You will receive an e-mail with the proofs posted for
you to review. From the time you do a final OK it will be about 6 weeks until you receive your book.

This is a basic lay out guide for choosing you photos.  I would recommend one, two, or three photos on a page.  Four or more
can be used for candid shots… getting ready details.  You will want family photos no more than 3 to a page. Remember I need
to crop the photos so that they will  “ fit on the page” .   

You album is custom and all my best efforts will be made to accommodate your choices.  Many photos become redundant..
Meaning you choose too many of the same subject.  You need a close up of the bride and a full length alone, you may feel
you want to choose more but this is all that is “necessary” .  It is YOUR album and YOU must decide, I am only here for advise.

See the sample below and you may fill in photos you would like together on that page.  In some cases order will change
because of your special schedule.

Photo of bride and groom, separate or together to open the book  this page is on the Right as you open the cover.
Bride getting ready and with bridesmaids.  (photo of all the girls together works great)
Bride with parents or groomsmen if there was time before OR  arriving at ceremony area
Bride coming down the aisle, giving away
Long shot of ceremony
Rings, Kiss and Return Down the aisle
Brides family  (you can combine 7&8 to add another page  of candid’s later)
Grooms family
Bridal party
Bride and groom
Bride and groom
Photos of bridal party and bride and groom at  other photo location .. Beach…Park ….Reception site
Introduction and first dance of bride and groom
Toast  (toast.. Bride and Groom with glasses also and kiss?)
Dance with dad, dance with mom
Candid shots from Reception
Cake, cake feeding and kiss
Bouquet and garter or candids of the party if you did not do this
Dancing shots of party
Good bye shot of  Bride and Groom  

This is only a basic layout but I hope it helps you to gather your photos and thoughts.    Good luck!        Wendy
Cover imprinting Can be One of 3
designs.  Modern, Monogram or Name
and Date as seen below.  The guilding
is either Gold, Silver, Black or
Embossed with leather upgrade
Choosing the number of images to
use and what should you choose.
There are many different options to choose from:  Flush or Matted Images
Flush Mount is were the photo IS
the page there is only the
photographic background as part of
the collaged image.  
mat, there are choices of Black, Ivory
or White with a black, white, matte
silver or gold accent directly around
the mounted photo.
You may want to do a full page spread.
This book is 22 wide by 14 tall! The image
does have a seam in the middle. It is a
Modern Image book and does not have
any other mat than the photographic
The cover choices:
E-Z mount comes in Black ONLY with Black Mats
Capri Albums are Leather Bound Albums
Grained Leather is Included in the price.  Colors include: black, navy, burgundy,
ivory, white, gunmetal, tan, brown, purple and pink
You may choose to upgrade to a smooth leather option Napa or Milano.  This
option will allow you to emboss the cover choice with no color.  
Flush Mount Solid black
photographic background
8x10 vertical
Party Favor background with
whimsical layout of photos.
8x10  vertical flush mounted
Flush Mount Muted background
10 x 10
Matted Black with Matte Silver.
10x10 image mounted and treated
with archival care in a mat
Matted Black with Matted Silver.
8x10 vertical
E-Z mount book.  Black only.
Note no detail around photo.
Flush Mounted "graphic" look
Flush Mount Black & White, Brides
bouquet background, no mat.
8x10 image, book is rectangle when
Any number of pages may be utilised
Matted with White and Matte Silver.
8x10 image with "graphic" look.
Mat is available White, Black or Ivory
Exterior of book is 12x12 square.
Any number of pages may be utilized.
Matted with Black and White
10 X 8 horizontal
or left flush.  This is an example of
COLOR for the background.
E-Z mount. Black only.
8x10 with black mat
Available in all sizes with a fixed
number of pages. 10,15,20...
Parent Albums
E-Z mount. Black only.
8x8 print
Exterior of book is
Matted  with Black and
6x9 print, horizontal.
Exterior of book is
E-Z mount. Black only.
6-9 print, horizontal.
Exterior of book is
Mount both show different Mat proportions around the image.
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