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South Florida and Asheville North Carolina.
Also offering photography for corporate events, special events, professional
portraits, baby portraits, maternity, family portraits and glamour shots.
Arielle & Bill
Bonnet House
Ariel & Bill's ceremony took
place at First Presbyterian
Church and their reception
was held at The historical
Bonnet House is located on
AIA in Fort Lauderdale. This
unique property is nestled in
the trees just adjacent to the
beach, the home and private
grounds have many
architectural features that
make it a truly perfect place
for a wedding. The Bonnet
house is a true escape back to
a romantic place in time.
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These photos are from the old days
when we shot film, back when you
had to scan photos on a flatbed
scanner.  I keep these on my website
for many reasons. I love them, I love
the girls who are now ladies with
children. The twin sisters one with an
all white wedding, the other with an
all black wedding both got married at
Saint Anthony Church in Fort
Lauderdale. This reception was at Pier

They continue to keep me in their
families lives with the births of their
children and with each passing
Meg & Michael

Ceremony Saint Anthony Catholic
church and a very Irish
celebration afterward at the
Lauderdale Yacht Club.
This is their wedding alum.