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Also offering photography for corporate events, special events, professional
portraits, baby portraits, maternity, family portraits and glamour shots.

From: Jenn  
Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 7:01 PM
To: 'Chrissyxxxxxx
Subject: RE: wedding

With pleasure, I know that you will really like Wendy – with this particular vendor, meaning
the photographer – YOU MUST make a connection in order to get those astonishing & alluring
“twinkle in her eye, easy laugh” bridal photos. If you don’t then it becomes work for Talia on
her day and you will miss those charming, glamorous, charismatic shots.  Really a bond has to
be there or you move on to another photographer until that link/spark is lit.  BUT the one
thing I truly love about Wendy’s pictures over so many other photographers is her image &
portrait of the bride.  She is able to get captivating images of the emotion of the bride that
day – of course her other pictures are VERY VERY worthy, but the impressive reflections that
she captures of just the bride “in that moment” are sensational.  I think simply it is because
she is a spiritual woman and able to sense those split second thoughts of the bride that “men”
simply don’t get.  Once you review her collection you will see what I mean, she has an
amazing touch.
All the best,  JTW
I have many hand written notes over the years.  I have posted a few comments throughout the
weddings that I have recieved via e-mail.  This is one of my favorites because it is a good bit of advise
regarding the relationship between photographer and bride.

A blend of journalistic, candid and formal posed photography.

A wedding is an event that lasts only hours, but the dreams and planning begin with
"will you marry me"